An Open Letter from the Principal to the Parents, no. 2

An Open Letter from the Principal to the Parents

IRA. 401K. Social Security. Stocks. Bonds. Mutual Funds. Certificate of Deposits. Real Estate. Precious Metals. Retirement.

These items are all types of investments. We are told as a society to invest, save money, plan for retirement, plan for our future, and be prepared for emergencies. This is good and wise advice.

However, these investments may not be the most important. There are three that may be more important – children, others, and self.

The most important thing to invest in is the next generation.

As parents, this means being a parent and not a friend. This means setting rules and sticking to them. This means eating dinner together, playing together, going on walks together, reading and doing homework together. This means loving well and setting aside our selfish desires to the side at times because if we bring a life into this world, then we need to honor that life and develop it to the best that it deserves.

As adults, this means being an example of what our next generation should try to become – successful, accomplished, informed. We should not let our next generation settle or be content for mediocrity. We should try to live our lives through the next generation and constantly look back but look forward.

As humans, investing in others means an investment in ourselves. If we are looking to create a better community, a better life, and a better opportunity, then we need to look to invest and improve these things. This means creating stronger communities, being aware of environmental issues and using renewable resources (because cleaner air and environment means better living), being informed and active in political life to fight for changes that are good and just.

Lastly, an investment in self. If we are not looking to improve ourselves each and every day, then we fail to help anyone else improve. If we are not asking “Am I better today than I was yesterday?”, “Did I make steps, little or big, of growth?” or any other reflective question, then we are failing ourselves and those around us.

If we look to invest in the right places and the right ways, then we change our community, our school, our world, and our lives.

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