An Open Letter From the Principal to the Parents, no. 4

Victories are wonderful when they are big.

But how do we decide what is a big victory? And does every victory have to be big?

Yesterday was Super Bowl 51 and the final score was 34-28. In football terms, this is not a big victory. This was not a blow out.

But this victory was a big victory. No team had come back from a 21 point deficit. No Super Bowl had ever gone into overtime. No quarterback has ever won 5 Super Bowls. Tom Brady and the Patriots did all of this.

This was a big victory...because of discipline and determination. The Patriots are without a doubt the most disciplined and determined team in the NFL.

Our school in the last week has been part of some great determination and discipline.

Much like the Patriots, our elementary boys basketball team won their CSAC tournament in overtime. They never gave up, they never quit, and they never backed down. We even received a personal text message from the other team's coach. He took his time to compliment our players about their character and attitudes.

Not only did we have a great victory in basketball, we had a great victory in our elementary academics. Since the beginning of the month, we have introduced interventions and have utilized new learning tools. We have seen growth in many of our students.

Now, unfortunately, this does not apply to all students.

The students that we saw growth with were the students that had the determination to do well in school, to listen to their teacher, to avoid trouble, to work well with others, and to use their interventions. They had the discipline in being a better student.

However, the students that we generally did not see growth in were students that have had behavior issues, have not taken their education or interventions seriously, or have been rushing through assignments...and most importantly rushing through the NWEA MAP test.

Victories, big or small, matter. But victories cannot be had if discipline and determination are not being used. Our students must be disciplined and must have the determination to succeed if they are going to do well in school and in life.

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