An Open Letter From the Principal to the Parents, no. 5

It has been a while.......

This year has been an interesting one so far.

We have had some unforeseen circumstances arise with teachers, but we have managed well. God has been good. We have been able to hire two teachers that are to start December 1st. We are are excited about their presence and what we hope they can bring to our school. More than anything else, they spoke of their intentions to love and serve these students.

We have looked to provide means of growth, responsibility, and culture building for our students through the introduction of I.D. cards, NWEA testing, more engagement for student council, a college info center outside of my office, and a Spanish Club. We have two means of news communication - in the cafeteria and in the lobby.

We have refocused how we are teaching in the classroom to target our time better. We believe that students should be with their families in the afternoon and evenings. If a student does not complete work in school, it is their job to finish it, but we do not want to be a "homework driven" school. We want to be a "discipline driven" school. If a student is struggling, we ask that the family unit work together to provide support and supplement outside of the classroom.

As we are entering in to winter, please remind your child(ren) to bring warm clothes for recess or while waiting for rides.

Our school only succeeds with the support and help of parents. It is important for the students to be here on time and here every day. It makes it difficult when students arrive late, leave early, or miss days of school. The learning window and curve is high and there is not much room for error. One or two days may not seem like a lot, but it most definitely is when considering the new material taught and that must be caught up.

Thank you for what you do. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

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