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About Us

Trinity Christian School strives for our students to become motivated and independent learners through the provision of academically engaging and competitive learning choices. We encourage students to value themselves, others and learning. Trinity Christian School is a school where young adults become lifelong learners and grow in an environment that encourages them to become creative, thoughtful, and active, in order that they can make valuable contributions in both society and their local communities. We promote a sense of social responsibility, resilience, perseverance and independence to prepare our students for an ever-changing world. 


It is the work of Trinity Christian School to provide an educational framework for our students to be equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in life and pursue God's calling in their lives.

We at Trinity Christian School believe that the distinguishing characteristic of those who live in God's Kingdom is Christ-likeness. Love for others displayed in ministering to our students, reaching out to our students, serving others, practicing forgiveness, and the like are all signs of the presence of God's Kingdom and ministry of the Holy Spirit. The fundamental ministry of Trinity Christian School is the development of such people.

We at Trinity Christian School believe that we have a unique opportunity. Our service within Trinity Christian School is education and we will teach according to the guidelines given to us by the state of Indiana and do so while upholding the example of Christ. 

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