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The increasingly competitive academic field and global economy makes it ever important that students are prepared for higher education. As a place for developing young minds, we must be part of the raising of expectations in setting our students on post-secondary goals. Through college campus visits, bringing in college counselors, and a "college go" mentality, Trinity Christian School is striving to develop graduates prepared for post-secondary education and beyond.


As part of the growing process in becoming independent, it is the intent of Trinity Christian School to provide opportunities to succeed. One such opportunity is the Graduating Portfolio Project in which the students will conduct at least 25 hours a year of community service and research a career path. This will provide items for college applications as well as experience. Click HERE for resources.



To provide a rigorous and competitive education, TCS utilizes Study Island and HMHCO testing quarterly to give our teachers benchmarks as to the growth of our students. Our teachers are then able to take this information to create lessons centered around the weaknesses of our students. This approach, alongside the student-centric and individualized aspect of our digital curriculum, our students will receive an education centered around needs, not just guidelines.



It is our belief that students should use the opportunities afforded them and dual-credit courses are one such opportunity. We allow our seniors to take courses through Ivy Tech (at our cost) and award high school credits based on a 5.0 scale. If a student is planning on attending a college or university, this is the cheapest and best way to get a head start on the process.

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